Senate Elections

Faculty Senate members are elected to two-year terms by the faculty of their respective schools. As noted in Article III, Section 3(4) of the Faculty Organization Plan (PDF):

"The elections shall be held at meetings called by the academic deans of the respective schools prior to March 15 of each year."

Every January, the Senate office will share information with each dean's office regarding which Senate members have terms expiring that year, indicating how many Senate seats need to be filled through this election process. Following elections, each dean's office should communicate the results of their respective school's election to the Senate office (Liz Carlson and Jenna Chaojareon).

Senate terms begin on May 1st following election and conclude on April 30th two years later. The annual Senate session runs from the May Senate meeting through the following April Senate meeting. Barring special circumstances, the Senate does not meet in June, July, and August.