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The GW Faculty Senate is the faculty governance body of the George Washington University. Senators are elected to two-year terms by their home schools, and the Senate annually elects an Executive Committee that sets agendas, reviews proposed resolutions, and guides the work of the Senate. The Senate is normally in session from September through May, although the Executive Committee works year-round on faculty and administrative matters.

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May 10 Faculty Senate Meeting

The Senate met on May 10, convening at 2:08pm and adjourning at 4:11pm.

President Granberg reported on the announcement of a restructuring of the academic medical enterprise leadership before opening the floor to questions and discussion about recent events on campus.

In his Provost’s Report (PDF), Provost Bracey provided updates on end of semester requirements, the GW Alliance for a Sustainable Future celebration, academic and faculty honors, the 2024 Research Showcase, and commencement.

FSEC Chair Ilana Feldman delivered the Executive Committee report (PDF), reporting on recent FSEC activities and discussions.

The Senate passed Resolution 25/1 (PDF) (To Correct Faculty Code Language Referenced in Senate Resolution 24/6).

The Senate reappointed its Parliamentarian, Professor Sarah Binder, and elected the 2024-2025 Faculty Senate Executive Committee. Rosters for the Senate’s standing committee as well as the Dispute Resolution Committee were also approved, as was the 2024-2025 Senate calendar.

Annual reports were received from the Appointments, Salary, & Promotion Policies (PDF), Educational Policy & Technology (PDF), and Libraries (PDF) committees.

The incoming and outgoing executive committees will meet on May 13. The next regularly scheduled Faculty Senate Executive Committee meeting will be held on August 30. The next regularly scheduled Faculty Senate meeting will be held on September 13. The draft minutes of the May 10 Senate meeting will be posted as soon as possible.

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Joint Meetings of the Faculty Senate and Board of Trustees Executive Committees